Now Google’s search and machine learning technologies can

Enhance Your Employee Referral Program.

Integrate Google Cloud Job Discovery with your RolePoint Portal.

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Increase your RolePoint experience with Google Cloud Job Discovery beta

Employee Referrals

Your employees can now easily find more jobs to refer. Cloud Job Discovery provides the best, hyper-relevant experience for employees and candidates on your referrals portal.

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Internal Mobility

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RolePoint's search will now provide more relevant job search results for employees looking to apply. Machine learning allows RolePoint to provide your users with more relevant results that improve over time.

Most referral sites rely on keyword search to retrieve results which often omit relevant jobs. For example, a search with any spelling error like "Project Manger" will return 0 results, but Cloud Job Discovery automatically corrects for this and understands both job content and the intent of referrers.

Better Job Search

RolePoint uses Google Cloud Job Discovery machine learning to provide your users with more relevant results. Machine learning increases the overall  effectiveness of your referrals portal.

Machine Learning





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